Rachel Edmondson

delphina_3I am fortunate enough to own a horse that Naomi bred, my beautiful mare Delphina NVW. Through Naomi’s experience of breeding we have been fortunate enough to have a mare with correct confirmation and the right attitude for dressage proven through Delphina NVW’s dressage record. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, caring breeder or a livery business where the horse’s individual needs come first then you need look no further. Naomi also agreed to take at livery my old horse Dirschen, a Danish Warmblood with all sorts of foot and leg challenges and very quirky needs, Naomi and her team treated him with sensitivity and understanding, he went on to have a much longer life than the vet had given him. A truly all round knowledgeable and caring service at Meadowbrook Stud.